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Friday, November 10, 2017

A slogan with a difference

Bare-chested that takes in conformity with the streets, his turn then back
Etched including the quivered phrases about a special slogan,
Like a hero he strides at the forefront of the procession, then suddenly
The army of city pass loose a bathe concerning lead,
And it’s now not simply Nur Hossain’s chest, however the guts regarding Bangladesh
That is penetrated; Bangladesh Cries kind of a wooded area deer in distress, and Blood pours beside his chest, it pours or pours.

(Translated beyond "Buk Taar Bangladesher Hridoy" yet "His chest is the mettle concerning Bangladesh" with the aid of Shamsur Rahman) Today is ten November 2017. Exactly 30 years in the past on that time -- x November 1987 -- the bold young Nur Hossain about Bonogram, Dhaka, took to the streets including thousands about others. Slogans were etched regarding his heart then back: ‘Down along autocracy’ yet ‘Free democracy’. When that reached the road east concerning the Bangladesh Secretariat, the police aimed at him and fired. He was once audit and project in imitation of the ground. Nur Hossain was martyred. Poet Shamsur Rahman wrote a poetry within tribute in imitation of him, ‘His thorax is the bravery regarding Bangladesh’. The minstrelsy was once first published in the sixteen December 1987 issue regarding the hebdomadal Ekota.

Shaheed Nur Hossain grew to be the symbol regarding the fighting towards autocracy or because of democracy. That photo became iconic among Bangladesh yet it reached the rest regarding the ball too. For the subsequent not much years, Nur Hossain’s sacrifice was once a poignant inspiration in conformity with the people, such had a extreme influence over them. So tons minstrelsy yet prose were devoted in accordance with him. People knew touching his home , his family. Many best individuals were advanced in conformity with visit his home. His father Mujibur Rahman, an auto-rickshaw driver, became accepted because of his courageous son. So many conferences then gatherings had been held in his name.

Then on the past 3 decades, steadily Shaheed Nur Hossain and his inventor started out in accordance with fade. No certain simply remembers Nur Hossain anymore. No conferences are past after commemorate him. Like then deep sordid martyrs, that too has dwindled beyond memory.

My meeting with Shaheed Nur Hossain’s creator got here out of the blue, and that was painful. It was 28 November 1987. I used to be running via auto-rickshaw out of Larmini Street into Wari in conformity with the artisan Kamrul Hasan’s residence of Manipuripara and afterward of in accordance with the hebdomadal Ekota office in Bangshal. We had crossed Indira Road, Farmgate, or have been effective toward Bangla Motor. The aged taxi pilot grew to become returned after look at me and said, “I understand you. You are a journalist. I am Shaheed Nur Hossain’s father.” I used to be stunned. Mujibur Rahman talked yet talked and I listened, silent, shocked then shamed. He asked me for a photograph concerning his laddie Nur Hossain. He desired in imitation of body it. When I got beneath beside the auto-rickshaw, I managed according to shake myself abroad of the knock and paid my respects after him. I thought, we speak then plenty in regard to the martyrs, fulfill pledges among theirs names, however how many lots work we actually be aware of respecting them, their families?

I grew shut according to him then pretty soon, close according to his family too. I would fast join upon along Mujibur Rahman. He would on occasion decay into after my area and we would talk. I hold been deep awakened from these conversations respecting his struggle between life and his a range of experiences. We stored between touch then I tried in accordance with piece among the joys then sorrows over Mujibur Rahman’s family. I am still in contact including them thru Nur Hossain’s younger sister Shahana. Two months in the past Shahana then her mom Mariam Begum got here according to our office. Even amidst my worried schedule, I take into account Nur Hossain yet his family. I have hourly written touching him then his family, within Ekota, opposite of Bhorer Kagoj or since Prothom Alo. Even so, the query arises, or a long way hold we remembered Shaheed Nur Hossain yet his family?
Deeply moved by using emotion toward Shaheed Nur Hossain yet his father, within February 1990 I brought out a 32-page younger book, ‘Shaheed Nur Hossain’, containing iii poems by using minstrel Shamsur Rahman then 3 writings of my own. Artist Qayyum Chowdhury wrote the commencement regarding the e book or additionally did the cover as much properly so the sketches or drawings within. I had long been wondering on bringing oversea a current yet gray edition regarding so book, ‘Shaheed Nur Hossain’. Finally, regarding 10 November 2013, Shaheed Nur Hossain Day, Prothoma Prokashon posted the current yet elderly version of the e book ‘Shaheed Nur Hossain’.

In the closing doublet about years over the eighties, quite a number leaders then their friends visited Mujibur Rahman’s humble domestic within Bonogram after afford honour according to Shaheed Nur Hossain yet his family. No one out of Jatiya Party or Jamaat-e-Islami, though, went. There was hardly ever somebody house within to that amount little house for the leaders to sit, however Shaheed Nur Hossain’s mother and father have been developed after salt water via the emergence about certain best personalities. They would weep, “We want nothing. We wish never come our baby back. We desire stand colorful postulate our son’s slogan, ‘Free democracy’ materialises. That is the solely vow we necessity beyond you.”

The leaders gave their assurance after Shaheed Nur Hossain’s parents and his family, clasping theirs arms yet promising, “We are right here or wish stay here. We desire carry under autocracy then arbitrary democracy.” The household of the martyrs was reassured by using the commitments of the leaders. They wiped their tear yet stood firm. They prayed because everyone. Month afterwards month, cogent commitments were voiced at community meetings, within speeches and within slogans of processions, “We wish edit the demands etched of the thorax then back of Shaheed Nur Hossain.”

We recall these days, as 6 December 1990 so the government about autocrat Ershad toppled. The people entire on the country have been affluent at the read regarding the autocrat. A community suspense arose for democracy. An period in-between regime was once formed beneath the appearing president Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed. A free, coherent and impartial alternative was finished or a instant administration used to be formed. But democracy was once no longer freed. Within a very short time, politic clashes yet war ensued. The politic hostilities continues.

Thirty years have passed when you consider that then. Between 1991 then 2014, five after six elections hold been held. So an awful lot has came about with governance, elections or democratization in the course of that impact regarding time. There have been agitations, processions, strikes, blockades, Invasion yet even murder between broad daylight. There was even a rap at strive then the military as soon as ran the country, within effect, into 2007-08. In the recent past, these fruitless within the elections did now not be given the results. The winners took all.

Unrest has extended among the country, at that place bear been cruel clashes. Political killings then disappearances continue. A feel concerning political doubt prevails. We consult a deficiency over proper government and we consult the black air concerning corruption. That is why, despite the encouraging figures between commercial enterprise and industry, among food, agriculture, education, fitness then lousy neighborly indicators, our much aspired folksy government yet communal provision has failed in conformity with flourish.

It is a truth to that amount nowadays we have developed a ways beside the victory yet prosperity over the ‘Down together with autocracy’ or ‘Free democracy’ movement. Just the vile season Dr Anisuzzaman, our Anis Sir, used to be pronouncing to that amount such looks we have advanced at all a long way abroad out of 1971. He remarked, in contrast according to the 24 years on conflict then fulfillment among the 24 years before independence, the next forty six years bear been a history about bend yet loss.

I remember, x years before that died among 2005, Shaheed Nur Hossain’s deviser Mujibur Rahman reported in imitation of me, “Will matters cease kind of this? Democracy must stay freed from the fences whole round it.” A not many days before she died, the ailing Mujibur Rahman lamentably told his payable in advance laddie Ali Hossain, “Nur Hossain desired the read of autocracy yet to that amount happened. But at that place is nonetheless consequently a good deal diatribe and conflict among the country. Democracy hasn’t been freed.” His words invite then true!

That is in which we should continue in imitation of name oversea aloud, let commonwealth be free! We necessity to talk out, we necessity freedom regarding the press. We necessity peace, no longer disappearances and killings. We need a unrestricted election. We want real democracy, we want strong governance.

On this day we recall Nur Hossain with deep honour. We pay our respects to his father Mujibur Rahman and to his family.