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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mother, son killed in own flat in Kakrail

A woman and her son were killed at their flat within the capital’s Kakrail space on weekday evening.

The deceased square measure Shamsunnahar and her son Shaon. Shamsunnahar was a homemaker and Shaon appeared in O-level examination recently, per neighbours.

When the guard of the building enlightened the police concerning the murder, police visited the flat around 7:00pm and located the body of the son lying on the verandah and mother’s body during a space.

The flat is found at the fourth floor of a 6-storey building named ‘Mayakanan’ with the holding range 79/1 at Western Samoan monetary unit lane, opposite the Rajmoni Isha Khan edifice, in Kakrail.

Shaon’s father was out of the residence at the time of the incident. He will a business in Shyampur.

The guard of the building aforesaid a person whereas returning down through the stairs asked him to travel upstairs voice communication, ‘something is occurring on the fourth floor’.

The police aforesaid the throat of the mother was found slit and son’s body was bloody.

Maidservant of the residence aforesaid she was at the room at the time of the incident and somebody bolted the door of the room from outside so she detected the screaming of her ‘madam’.

The amah aforesaid she got out of the room once the guard of the building opened the door when the killing.
Police aforesaid they took the house servant and also the guard to the station house to enquire concerning the killing.