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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tanjin Tisha replaced in ‘Bhoboghure’ over visa trouble

Model Tanjin Tisha is in conformity with pass over her emergence within motion pictures including Shopon Ahmed’s ‘Bhoboghure’ over visa complications.

Tisha failed to reach visas because of France and Switzerland, where the taking pictures about the film is scheduled in imitation of take place. Meanwhile, the vile artistes concerning the movie managed to reach visa

Speaking including Prothom Alo beyond France, Shopon Ahmed said, “It is pretty bloodless right here within France. We had plans after begin the capturing before winter. However we need after begin at present as much the artistes received theirs visas since a long wait.

“We are scheduled after start the capturing by using 12 November. Some artistes out of France wish also participate between the film”, observed Shopon.

Speaking about the film, Shopon said the announcement over ‘Bhoboghure’ is primarily based of a true description over France. The film has 5 songs yet Ibrar Tipu is the tune director, Shopon added.

Tanjin Tisha between her latest interview including Prothom Alo reported he used to be really happy getting her flourishing among a movie like ‘Bhoboghure’.

Meanwhile, the generator and the conductor over the movie are thinking prostitute Purnima would possibly substitute Tisha within the film.

Purnima’s involvement choice keep also established then twins days consonant her visa interview about Tuesday.