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Friday, November 3, 2017

Who to look after 'Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum'?

building of the Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum is yet after be completed though it has been seven years since its inauguration.

The authorities involved too failed in conformity with fix a union in imitation of look since the museum.

Seeking anonymity, an legitimate about old Dhaka Central Jail said, “The National Museum authorities are of cost on the Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum. We are reception outweigh of its protection only.”

In answer in accordance with questions related to renovation budget yet non-appearance concerning a regular caretaker, the professional suggested the correspondent in imitation of speak in imitation of the National Museum authorities in this regard.

According to the official, the National Museums manager Swapan Kumar Biswas is in-charge over the maintenance over the Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum. But Swapan used to be greatly surprised in accordance with analyze this.

According after Swapan, the selection after arm upon the duty over maintenance concerning the Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum to the National Museum authorities has no longer been implemented.

There is no progress without the reality as a bird used to be issued between this regard of 2013, that added.

Bangladesh National Museum administrator normal Faizul Latif Chowdhury reported she ought to now not even put together some stock regarding the objects regarding the Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum as they do not have somebody supremacy upon it.

In 2010, high minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the sculptures regarding IV national leaders - Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmad, leader M Mansur Ali then AHM Quamaruzzaman - in face of the museum constructing interior afterward Dhaka Central Jail.

In 2016, the authorities suggested that would launch the penal complex memorial museums regarding Bangabandhu or IV country wide leaders because of the visitors then transferring the Dhaka Central Jail in conformity with Keraniganj in Gazipur.

The medium penitentiary was once shifted in accordance with Keraniganj among June over 2016 however the memorial museums have now not been opened.

Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed’s child MP Simeen Hussain Rimi, AHM Qamaruzzaman’s marriageable girl Raushan Akhter Rumi then Captain M Mansur Ali’s kiddy Rezaul Karim Reza visited the Four National Leaders Jail Memorial Museum regarding Thursday afternoon.

They observed a mango tree the place the killers then prison high-ups waited before blood the IV leaders has not been not marked.

The sons or daughters over the martyrs additionally celebrated invasive plant life encroached atop the sculptures at the museum. The names over the plaques are also intelligible, whereas, it is a customized after hold the front areas on sculptures clean.

Simeen Hossain Rimi advised Prothom Alo, “There were four plants beside deserts [for beautification over the area]. One concerning these is concerning the border on dying fit in accordance with scarcity about care.”

“We talked in imitation of the servitor jailer. He stated she choice crave the people worried to absorb seriousness of the bushes then plants,” Rimi added.

Responding after a question, the lawgiver referred to the museum  be awakened in accordance with whole at once instead concerning ready because of the implementation regarding the grasp format over the 36-acre Dhaka Central Jail.

The four leaders had performed a solution role of manufacturing the Mujibnagar regime among exile up to expectation conducted the liberation hostilities concerning 1971.

Syed Nazrul Islam was once the appearing president, Tajuddin Ahmad high minister, Mansur Ali cash queen yet AHM Qamruzzaman was once the home, relief and rehabilitation adviser concerning Mujibnagar government.

They were wounded inner the Dhaka Central Jail regarding three November within 1975.