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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Govt trying to hold Jan 5 like polls keeping me in jail: Khaleda

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia these days mentioned the regime is making an attempt to maintain her among reformatory because of a lengthy length therefore so such do arrange a lopsided alternative as up to expectation regarding January 5, 2014.
Khaleda Zia came on along the remarks whilst a four-member legal professional panel met her at the historic Central Jail on Nazimuddin Road of Dhaka it afternoon.

“Khaleda Zia stated the decrease courts are now not granting her trough or withdrawing manufacturing warrants too even though the Appellate Division on the Supreme Court upheld her High Court trough of Zia Orphanage Trust putrefaction case. That means, the administration wishes in imitation of hold her in reformatory in arranging every other lopsided volition once again," Masud Ahmed Talukder, certain of the IV lawyers anybody met Khaleda Zia, advised The Daily Star.

He referred to the BNP chump has known as on her birthday party leaders and activists in imitation of proceed a cool motion across the united states of america because of her (Khaleda) launch beside the jail.

About fitness condition regarding the BNP chief, the lawyer stated Khaleda Zia is critically sick then that cannot movement normally.

She (Khaleda) feels as if he is provided therapy at United Hospital below he would reach tidy up regarding the illness, Masud said.
She (Khaleda) has carried Ramadan greetings within enhance in conformity with the humans yet her celebration leaders then activists, she added.

Other three attorneys any met Khaleda Zia beside 4:00pm in conformity with 5:15pm are Advocate KhnadkerMahbub Hossain, AJ Mohammad Ali or Sanaullah Miah.

On February 8, Special Judge's Court-5 regarding Dhaka sentenced Khaleda Zia to five years' severe imprisonment since such determined her (Khaleda) yet 5 others guilty among the Zia Orphanage quill case.

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