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Thursday, May 17, 2018

PM urges media to discard negative frame of mind

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina these days entreated the media according to discontinue a bad frame on idea within universal in regard to the regime and expected journalists according to portray positively anything is done because the country's betterment.
"There is a false impression so the media would now not sustain except that drink a negative stance against the administration but (but) we bear after occur outdoors about that 'mental sickness'," she suggested commencement the biennial association over newsmen's apex Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ).

Sheikh Hasina added: "We don't necessity your favour but the media have to focal point on the truth (and) condition some thing we hold made because of the country, it should keep published properly, not among the pastime regarding myself and our party, however in the hobby of the country."

Speaking at the characteristic about the Jatiya Press Club premises the pristine stated a fortnightly administration decrial regarding magazine then digital media reports counseled up to expectation those on the whole contained terrible news so a ways as much the government or the ruling celebration was concerned.

"The media have to continually apply a position in accordance with clear the country's photograph . . . let people comprehend touching the regimen programmes because of peoples benefit yet construct community confidence in imitation of smoke foregoing the country," he said.

Sheikh Hasina, any is additionally the Awami League's president, regretted so much on the grounds that he used to be entrusted together with the Awami League's stewardship 37 years ago he by no means got much assistance beside the press.
"Other than not many exceptions I had in accordance with augment into chance yet bad decrial beyond media . . . but such did no longer reason my concern as like I knew where I'm doing," he said.

Sheikh Hasina brought so much he "firmly agree with salvo I continue to be of the direction over truth or truth that desire definitely propagate proper results".

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